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(Almost) Free at last!

Final exams start tomorrow and then graduation on friday, wow this is going to be an exciting and busy week! Meanwhile I've been toiling over Suisei no Gargantia and Hunter x Hunter remake and all the emotions involved with those lovely series'.

I really appreciate the information that the people involved with LJ communities gather, this is a shout out for all of you wonderful people out there contributing!

Summer's practically here, and I've never been happier. Of course, right now I'm suffering a good case of obsessive thoughts (I'm a slight hypochondriac sobs), and am really cursing the subconscious or unconscious or the power of the mind in general (you know that feeling when something hurts and you know you're physically healthy and its all in your head? I have that and it's really distressing). I'm gonna pass it off as stress for now, because naturally final exams are stressful.

So right now I'm doing a healthy balance of study and watching anime, and it's actually working really well.

Wish me luck!