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I needed a place to gush about anime project annoucements. Sorry LJ, you have become my victim once again.

Alright. I just need a list. My fingers are almost trembling with the excitement and joy for these recent happenings in the anime world.

Chronological order:

1. Tales of Zestiria the X - a Tales of Zestiria game anime adaptation(?)

2. Zaregoto Series - anime adaptation

3. Cardcaptor Sakura - project details not revealed at the moment

Honestly I was not expecting any single one of these titles to recieve an (new for CCS) anime adaptation. Sure they are popular in some circles, but overall they appeared overshadowed by their creator's more recent works; especially in Zaregoto's case with Nisioisin's Bakemonogatari series etc, and don't get me started with Tales of Zestiria's mixed-reactions.

After just watching Doukyuusei's (a bl manga) anime adaptation this morning, and keeping up with recent light novel-anime adaptations such as Re: Zero and manga-anime adaptations such as Bungou Stray Dogs, I have a lot of hope for the adaptations coming up (I haven't forgotten DGM's new adaptation and TTGL's new anime project announcement).

Recently the quality of the animation itself isn't usually the issue (heck look at Comet Lucifer it was beautiful to look at but the story flopped, similarly with KyoAni's recent light-novel anime adaptation: Musaigen no Phantom World), but the storyboard and script writing. I'm not knowledgeable enough on the behind-the-scenes of the animation studio to point at who is most crucial for a well-rounded and recieved show (a lot of people gloss it over by chalking it up to the director, which is understandable-- I want to do the same myself). Heck, apparently I'm more lax at giving the 9/10 rating than most people (it's the story that makes it for me).

Basically what I'm getting at is that I'm not that critical with anime adaptations (I'm no scholar, not sure if I want to be, I just watch a heck of a lot of shows). But there is the worry of the anime adaptation being a flop and not conveying the true brilliance of the original's story.

Thankfully these adaptations look like they're in good studios, I'm looking forward to seeing them! My rambling didn't really have any direction, so thank you for reading if you get to the end of this! 

Gearing up!

What a summer it's been! I can't say it hasn't been busy, that's for sure.

Hosting people from Spain and Japan. Applying for jobs (to little success...;x;), meeting up with friends that I haven't seen in years, getting a mild concussion, going to NY to visit family, etc, etc.

Not exactly in that order, but fairly tiring. Especially that concussion. That was a new experience I didn't have planned (and don't want to experience ever again if I can help it).

Welp. Time to study up for the JLPT! (found some good apps for kanji practice, whoo!)

It's just going to get even busier during the school year... *single tear*    


Ordering through a proxy to get a doujinshi really drains you! I haven't done it in a while, but I know it works so I'm hoping for the best. And it's also nice that you get more yen to the dollar right now. (^▽^)

On a completely different note, my area is finally getting some of that snow I've been warned about! Not like that will change any of the classes or anything... -_-

Usually I won't buy a doujinshi since there are really awesome people out there that translate them (and even post them online!), but I actually want to read the original Japanese version of this particular doujinshi, so I'm really looking forward to it! I'm a sucker for heartfelt love stories...

It seems with this purchase I have bought my first Haikyuu!! dj. Even my fanfiction ideas are starting to star the main characters. ^_^;

Can't wait to finish the process and get that item shipped!~

Re : ⌞⌟Hamatora ramblings

So I thought I would post my thoughts of Hamatora's sequel animation here for the moment because my tags are getting way too long for tumblr... whoops.

So episode 2 had a lot of information thrown at us. For one is Art's minimum ability to regenerate from a state of death (kudos for us fans that speculated on such an ability throughout the later half of season one).

Without further ado, I present to you my theory of what could possibly be motivating Art to (seemingly) harm minimum holders, and more specifically Nice, Murasaki and everyone else at Hamatora. I believe Art is attempting to steal all the minimum holders' abilities so that only he has to carry the burden, or "sin", of being a minimum holder --thus directing the public's hate and animosity toward minimum holders at himself only so those who were minimum holders can live a normal life. Objectively it's the most sound plan to ensure no one is harmed simply because they have a minimum. Even if they kill him, Art can walk away unscathed because of his regeneration minimum. Although that doesn't get rid of the physical and emotional pain of being attacked because of his ability.

And it has been demonstrated throughout season one (if I recall, it's been a bit, I'll need to rewatch) of Hamatora that Art is conscious of the fact that he has friends that care about him and his wellbeing. My reasoning behind why Art would kill Nice is so when he completes his goal and steals all the minimum holders' abilities and presents himself as a villainous minimum holder to the public, there would be no one left that truly cared enough for him that they'd risk their lives to ensure his safety. And maybe that's why he tried to kill the only person that would try to stop him. Because for one thing Nice is his best friend, and with the airing of episode two of RE,  it clearly proves that Nice is pained when anyone harms Art (including Art himself), even after Art tried to kill him.

It is clear that there is a lot more to what's going on in Re: Hamatora, and I'm glad that episode two highlights Art as someone driven for a cause that may not be as sinister as one expected.

I'm looking forward to how it plays out.
Er, yeah long title but, Yes, still alive and well (and finally my health is starting to get much better!). Procrastinating. But that's not new. ^_^ For me summer vacation is always a wild ride of self-reflecting on this year's events and progress as well as a resuming of self-loathing and depression (due to lack of progress in some things) that I never have time for during the busy months of college.

On a positive note, I'm finally working on one of my personal goals, which is to work on translating some of my doujinshi/manga stuff that I've collected for the past year or so. And wow is it a process! I'm enjoying myself way to much (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Other than that not much is going on, which is both good and bad I suppose.

Winter break at last!

    Now I finally have time to catch up on my sleep and relax! Of course, relaxing for me is looking through my new manga books that came straight from Japan, as well as learning more kanji! Also watching anime. I also finally have time to read some novels, in which I can finish up Kieli vol.8 and 9.

As for anime, my winter season favorite(s) are: Kyoukai no Kanata, Kyousougiga, and Coppelion.




Once again, it's been a while! College and tumblr and new anime have consumed my life. ^_^

I'm really excited to say that I'm far enough in my Japanese class that I'm finally learning kanji! So I can read hiragana and katakana with no trouble (I need to get my hands on all the books that have furigana~), it really is amazing!

I haven't been able to write anything in my free time really, but I am inspired because of NaNoWriMo.

I'm loving my classes, which is a nice change from high school. And meeting people from Japan and making new friends because of living in a suite is really nice too. Of course, there has been some adjusting to do, but it's been pretty good other than some health issues and all.

There's been some really good shows this anime season! I recommend Samurai Flamenco, Coppelion, Strike the Blood, and Nagi no Asukara.

(Almost) Free at last!

Final exams start tomorrow and then graduation on friday, wow this is going to be an exciting and busy week! Meanwhile I've been toiling over Suisei no Gargantia and Hunter x Hunter remake and all the emotions involved with those lovely series'.

I really appreciate the information that the people involved with LJ communities gather, this is a shout out for all of you wonderful people out there contributing!

Summer's practically here, and I've never been happier. Of course, right now I'm suffering a good case of obsessive thoughts (I'm a slight hypochondriac sobs), and am really cursing the subconscious or unconscious or the power of the mind in general (you know that feeling when something hurts and you know you're physically healthy and its all in your head? I have that and it's really distressing). I'm gonna pass it off as stress for now, because naturally final exams are stressful.

So right now I'm doing a healthy balance of study and watching anime, and it's actually working really well.

Wish me luck!
Senior year tends to make life chaotic, in general. Mental/Psychological stress, physical stress. Eh, it happens.

So I'm in CA at the moment (for yearly family visiting), and am feeling pretty physically crappy at the moment, so why not try to distract myself with a journal entry on this desolate blog.

Now if I were to describe my mental state, I would say, once again, I am in wonder and am once again taken by the drive of knowledge. Of course, this relates to a manga, called Lagoon Engine.

Yukiru Sugisaki. I bow to you. What an author. She has this talent for storytelling I simply find fascinating and admirable (as wanting to go into the literature field myself, I can't help myself).

So, I really love this series, and am frantically trying to track down the chapter that is not in a collected volume. Which is really tricky because although the story is brilliant, it's quite unknown.

I love being able to fill in the blanks of the connections between Yen, Jin, Aya and Sakis. In fact, sooner or later I'll give in and write a drabble or something.

Well, goodnight.

Nezushi Fanfiction Ideas~

NEZUSHI list of endless possibilities

1.Title undecided- *posted an excerpt of this earlier*
There is only one "most important thing" to a man. Exploring the relationship between two men on opposite sides of the wall. AU

3. Fate is not its name
It was not predetermined for them to meet.  Highschool AU

4. S o u l  L a c e 
The concept of soul mates. Basically. AU "Don't you love him?" She asked. "Love?" He let out a snort. Silver eyes blazed with his next words. "Why does there have to be love? He's mine either way in the end." 

5. Moon Boy - *T rating*
Light and Dark, Sun and Moon, Day and Night. They're drawn to each other. Because, really; it is simply that. AU

6. We meet again
"I haven't moved on, Nezumi." END! Novel story

7. My Wandering Star 
The tale of the wandering star and the one who is left behind to grasp the stardust. Ver.2 (from FF)]

8. AU Highschool idea
Shion loves his best friend Nezumi. Safu has an idea. Shion crossdresses. Chaos ensues. 

9. Untitled 3
Shion and Nezumi had a full life together; one wonders if they had any luck in the next one. AU

10. Just a Kiss - *mature*
In which a prince is brought up as a princess. Identity crises ensues. And Nezumi happens to be assigned as the personal knight of said "princess." AU

11. Shion's Eve
drabble with Shion being prettied up.

12. Chase - *mature* (I shall write this eventually...)
Shion is an experiment in the correctional faculty of No.6. While escaping, he bumps into the lone rat, Nezumi, and learns of the outside world. It's cruelty, beauty, and all that is in between. AU

13. Roommates
The bookworm and the beautiful beast. Stick them under one roof and find out what happens. 
Comment on which I should focus on~